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Blog Moved!

It has been almost a month now, but I’m finally getting around to directing anyone who happens to come here (this blog) to my new blog:



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First up: concert.

We forgot K’s water bottle in the car, so she drank water from a ziplock bag.

Aaron snagged the camera a few minutes for some impromptu portraits (probably my favorite pictures from the day)

And on to the gardens:

And lastly the tanks,

Another day of great memories.

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Weekend Update

On Saturday Kaya met a new neighbor:

Making Cinnamon Swirl Bread:

Hanging out with my babe:

And Kaya spent the afternoon playing with a band-aid, and this was the most frequent placement:

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Yay Nieces!

Last Saturday we kept Natalie and Kaylee for the day, although there were all sorts of fun things going on, the sandbox was the highlight!

Oh, and these platform set up like a teeter-totter. K and Natalie and Aaron thought it was pretty great:

Kaya thought Natalie was about the COOLEST person ever. Kaya liked to do anything that Natalie was doing, see for yourself:

Kaya even checks whats Natalie is doing with her hands!!

What a day.

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Sometimes a forget how lucky we are to live here, truly a beautiful life, K especially enjoys our walks each evening.
Furthermore, a 1 1/2 year old helps to make anything seem that much sweeter!

I’m not quite sure why each time I asked her to smile, she pulled her cheek a little harder:

I also don’t know why any time she plays with dirt, it ends up on her head…

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I don’t usually look to the patrons of Wal-Mart for encouragement, but our last visit offered something wonderful. The man in the parking lot pointed to Kaya and said to us:

“appreciate what you’re doing, it is the best job you’ll ever have.”

This we know, never have we been so exhausted, frustrated, or unprepared, and never have we been so


As he walked away he turned and said: “Enjoy your great wealth”

My smile grew wider still, as only Aaron and I knew that our wealth was

Twice what he could see.

I am amazed by how quickly you can fall in love with someone you haven’t





We laughed when we counted out the months and looked ahead: “K was born during Christmas Break, sure we can handle Spring Break” (Furthermore, we weren’t surprised, God’s timing is impeccable)

Plans are quickly made for one to come, as I was enjoying creating life alongside close friends, and counted several other Christian families expecting, I decided that these babies together would do something


even Revolutionary,

for their GOD.

Funny how GOD’s plans prove to play out a different way, if only HIS intentions were so easy to grasp.  In the midst of

my prayers,

MY plans,


HIS plan was taking place.

As we talked with the doctor I heard all sorts of words, few that held meaning. It is a horrible thing to be told you won’t meet someone you


I hear them say it means she wasn’t developing right, all I can think is how much I want to

Hold Her.

My baby  went to be with my Jesus,

and on the way met the baby of my best friend. We’d talked about how much time they’d spend together, this was never discussed.

As I think that HE is holding her, I am jealous, but reminded that HIS grip is much stronger than mine. My how growing is different than I expected. It hurts more than I thought.

But this we know:

“many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21)

HIS timing is still perfect.

We have seen the abundance in dwelling with HIM,

We will continue to enjoy our great wealth.


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I love these 2 girls, they are so precious together.
I love to see how gabi looks out for K, and how K looks up to Gabi.
2 beautiful babies, so cool to watch them grow.

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