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Sweet Friends


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And as for the second half of the shoot, Abbie’s close friend Olivia! I first met Olivia on Saturday, and she was a total blast to get to know! She’s easy going and beautiful – pretty much the perfect person for senior pictures!

Olivia- Thanks for spending the afternoon, I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

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Last weekend my assistant Anna (hee hee) and I made our way to Madison for afternoon photo shoot: 2 seniors, 2 hours & temperatures in the 90’s, what could be better?  First up: Abbie! Abbie is Aaron’s cousin-but I’ll gladly claim her as my own!

Abbie- thanks for the great shoot, Love you!

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Sy will be senior this fall, but I still remember being a leader in his AWANA group when he was in 2nd grade. I’m pretty sure I was taller than he was during his second grade year, and maybe 3rd grade as well, but those days are long gone. I always enjoy spending time with this family, and the afternoon with Sy was no different!

Thanks for a great shoot Sy!

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Kate is a beautiful girl that we have been lucky enough to get to know this past year at fusion! I was so excited when they asked me to take her senior pictures, and with good reason, we got some great shots!

Kate, thanks for spending the afternoon with my camera and I!

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Ritschard Family!

Here are the rest of my favorite shots from Paul, Anna and Lyla’s pictures. I love this family so much, I hate thinking about moving away from these dear friends, each of us will miss them dearly!

Thank you for being such willing victims, love you guys!

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We wrapped up our weekends of the photography workshop with a couple of engagements shoots of REAL couples! The couples were beautiful and great to work with, and I spend almost the whole time shooting in Manual!!! (that’s a big deal…at least to me).  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

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