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Oh sweet Valentine

Today I borrowed a cookie cookbook and some precious heart shaped cookie cutters from my mom, she had made some sweet little sugar cookies and I thought I’d like to do the same! All day I had visions of Kaya and I working together in the kitchen, smears of flour on our cheeks, and lots of long love-filled looks at each other while we baked up adorable little cookies to give to family and friends (cue cheesy Hallmark song).

And then we started.

Mixing the dough was easy enough, I got that done before she even realized what I was doing. But then I pulled the chair to the counter so she could “help” me cut out the cookies.
My First step: Lightly flour counter
Kaya’s first step: brush 80% of the flour off the counter (and on to the floor, none sweetly onto our cheeks)

A light weight may have been swayed from her attempts at creating a memory, but not me! I dug in my heels, re-floured the counter and on with the show!

I did everything that I could to keep Kaya from getting a taste of the dough, because I knew once she figured out that it was sweet, I’d have a horrible time keeping her from eating it (raw eggs and all). It started with the normal “its not for eating” which progressed to “YUCK Kaya, Don’t eat that” which turned into “BACK OFF YOU MONGREL!” (which I felt a little bad about).  I tried a new method.  Now, I’m trying to roll and cut out the cookies with my left hand while my right hand creates a wall that kaya’s sneaky little fingers can’t get past, and  she promptly grabs dough off the defending hand and pops it into her mouth!

Now I’m frantically trying to throw these stinking dough “hearts” onto the tray as fast as possible, ignoring the fact that they have tiny finger holes in them or are folded or misshapen, just to get them in the oven! Next thing I know (not a planned part of this picture perfect experience) I’m bribing Kaya out of the kitchen with a graham cracker so i can finish up and get them in the oven!

Done. Finally.

Until I took the blasted cookies out of the oven. I hadn’t realized how much they would GROW in there, so now I have a (1, one) cookie, that is in no recognizable shape. We haven’t frosted them yet, but I have a feeling how it will go, and I’m no longer envisioning warm fuzzy feelings, just the gut rot from eating too many cookies myself.

Happy Valentine’s day, here’s a pink and white blob that symbolizes how much we love you.


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St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Some of you have expressed interest in seeing these, so here they are!  This was my final presentation for architectural design in the Fall.  The project was an addition to St. Martin-in-the-Fields, a well-known church in London, England.

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