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Hide & Seek

Kaya LOVES to play hide & seek! And we love to see where she’s going to hide:


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Gardening Glory

5:30 pm – Kaya gets to help grandpa check out his garden

And for the first time of the summer, he gets to offer her something straight from the garden (you know, you rub the dirt off on your jeans and eat it). But she’s not sure if she can trust him:
“What do you think Kaya?”

Funniest part is, the little stinker won’t chew or swallow the peas, just holds them in her mouth. Which she thinks is pretty cool:

When she thinks she has let them “soak” long enough, she just lets them drop out of her mouth, and then she and grandpa laugh about it for awhile.

What a blessing.

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No Swim diaper

We have a baby pool in the backyard.
Kaya gets in it at least 3 times a day.
2 of which are times when I am not prepared, thus she hops in fully clothed. but check out how much water a regular diaper can hold.
Way to go Target brand!

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“S’not Funny Guys”

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1. Start with dress up before breakfast.

2. Add Crepes

3. And beautiful weather

4.  oh, and a little Lyla

5. Spend some time at the park

6. Sweeten it up with ice cream

6. And top it off with a stroller ride home.

Summer will be here soon, and we can’t wait!

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Kaya in the curtain

Saturday morning Aaron and I heard Kaya very happily playing in her room, we checked on her, and this is what she was doing:

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