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The Sweet Life

This morning my mom and dad came and played with Kaya while I had an appointment. This evening we walked to Aaron’s parents house and had dinner with his entire family. Reflecting on days like today reminds me of how blessed we have been to have this year in Monroe. An hour and 40 minutes away is a lot farther than walking distance.


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Ritschard Family!

Here are the rest of my favorite shots from Paul, Anna and Lyla’s pictures. I love this family so much, I hate thinking about moving away from these dear friends, each of us will miss them dearly!

Thank you for being such willing victims, love you guys!

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Last night we got together with Paul, Anna and Lyla to get some family pictures. Lyla is about to turn 1, full of energy and trying to master walking, So that means three things:

1. She loves the camera

2. She moves fast

3. She falls….alot

And also, last night Kaya learned about pockets, and is quite convinced she couldn’t be any cooler.

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Last Monday night I made my way out the the Calaway farm to take some senior pictures for Sarah. Sarah and I started the shoot out in a pasture, and we were joined by several young cows. The cows really seemed to like having us around, they followed us around, and when they weren’t licking me, I had a hard time keeping them out of my frame! Nevertheless, we ended up with some great pictures!

I had to include a picture of one of our dear followers:

Sarah, thank you for a fun evening and some beautiful pictures!

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Last weekend was prom for my cousin Rebecca and we figured that all those people dressed up was a great opportunity for a photo shoot! The weather was terrible and the poor girls were freezing, but they were still up for about anything! I loved their energy and enthusiasm, and of course beautiful dresses. To add to the great evening my aunt and uncle took Aaron and I out for dinner (if you are in Verona you have to check out Grey’s Tied house, the sweet potato fries are to die for).
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening:

I also took a few pictures of Becca as a start for her Senior Pictures:

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Missed one!

I somehow missed our favorite picture from the weekend!

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1. Start with dress up before breakfast.

2. Add Crepes

3. And beautiful weather

4.  oh, and a little Lyla

5. Spend some time at the park

6. Sweeten it up with ice cream

6. And top it off with a stroller ride home.

Summer will be here soon, and we can’t wait!

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