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We wrapped up our weekends of the photography workshop with a couple of engagements shoots of REAL couples! The couples were beautiful and great to work with, and I spend almost the whole time shooting in Manual!!! (that’s a big deal…at least to me).  Here are some of my favorite pictures:


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On Sunday Kels and Kevin arranged a shoot with a couple models in wedding gear so we could continue to practice what we have learned! Here are a few of my favorites:

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Kaya in the curtain

Saturday morning Aaron and I heard Kaya very happily playing in her room, we checked on her, and this is what she was doing:

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Spring Fever 2010

Last weekend I got to be a part of the first couple days of an incredible Photography workshop! My dear friends Kelsey and Kevin of Primavera Studios are running the workshop, and I can’t imagine anyone who would better mentor me in the photography world! I may sound a little biased, but seriously, if you haven’t yet, check out their stuff: primaverastudios

They filled our brains with all sorts of goodness, and then we headed out for a few minutes behind the studio to practice some of our new skills.These are some shots from the first afternoon, and shortly I will post some from Sunday!

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This afternoon I was washing the dishes, and feeling pretty good about getting them taken care of so quickly after lunch. As I washed the last pot I realized how impressive it was that Kaya played so nicely the whole time I washed dishes, and even more impressive, she was just sitting at my feet, playing nicely. Then I looked down:

Of course she wasn’t just sitting there twiddling her thumbs, she was playing in the oatmeal. and even more disturbing, EATING it. Apparently dry oatmeal is pretty tasty, she ate several handfuls before I could get her out of there.

Clearly I was very absorbed in the dishes, but I have learned that when you have a one year old you can’t get to cocky about completing a task, because the little one is joyfully undoing something else that you just took care of.

Oh, and as I was sweeping up this mess, Kaya thought she’d try out something else, since I was occupied with the broom and all:

I used to laugh when people said their kids climbed on everything, now that I’ve pulled Kaya off of pretty much everything in the house, I probably won’t laugh for awhile.

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For Sale:

A 16 month old bear that we found last week in Kaya’s bed. Appears cuddly, but approach with caution. Is mastering the skills of whining, crying, and kicking to communicate desires. Her mouth is showing signs of cutting molars, which we fear she will use to eat us alive.  Loves to play outdoors, and will help fill your home with all sorts of goodies from the yard.  Inquires contact: US.

NOTE: if you find a 28 inch tall, 20 pound baby girl who is happy all the time and responds to “kaya,” please contact us immediately.

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