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Finally at the park

We have been waiting and waiting to be able to go to the park, first so that she could walk and actually enjoy everything the park has to offer, and most recently for weather warm enough that we could spend some time there. Sunday we were able to play for awhile, and Kaya was awfully interested in the tube slide, but because of the size of it, neither Aaron nor I thought we’d be able to fit in it with her. Finally after a while, I asked Aaron if I could just send her down on her own, it seemed like a risky thing, the slide is long and twisty, and kaya is, short and young. But we let her go, and with just the right shove from the top she gracefully slips, slides and squeals the whole way to the bottom, What a JOY!


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Earlier this week as Kaya and I were playing outside I noticed just exactly how all those many helicopter (or whirlybird) seeds actually get to work! Our yard is filled with all of these future trees, standing up, and ready to go! They put a smile on my face every time I see them. We have been anxious for warm weather, and finally are seeing glimpses of the coming warmth:

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Avery and Kaya

Our dear friends kels and kev had their own baby girl just 3 short months before kaya was born. It is been such a blessing and so much fun to have the support of close friends and to get to watch these babies grow and change almost simultaneously for the past year+. The girls are about as different as can be, Ave has these incredible blue eyes, and K has the deep dark eyes. Ave is a total go-getter, we have yet to find an obstacle that will slow her down, and K tends to observe and figure out a situation before diving in. Oh, and the slight height difference, Ave seems to be almost a foot taller than Kaya! But these girls sure love each other. When Kels and Avery visited last week, I loved watching the babies laugh while wrestling each other on the couch. I have been so blessed by my friendship with Kels, as we have both grown and changed in the last 10 or more years, and I’m hoping and praying that these girls will also secure deep friendships, and if with each other that’s all the better!
So anyways, Kels and I took the girls out for a photo shoot, we had bubbles, and we made it at least 10 minutes before the whole bottle was dumped! But fortunately at this age just being outside is a real treat.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Kaya thinks that Avery is the coolest person EVER! When Ave walks in the door, K can’t stop pointing at her, and then wants to hold hands with her as much as possible ( Avery on the other hand, has much too much to do and can’t waste time holding hands). Here’s an example of Kaya wanting to just know exactly what Avery is up to.


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