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She’s getting into trouble!

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed those first months when Kaya was happy to just play in one place!  It is adorable to see her getting around all over the place, all by herself, but exhausting to keep up with her.  Her favorite things in our house right now are: outlets, refrigerator and garbage cans.  We’re (obviously) strict about keeping her away from the dangerous things, and so she’ll shake her head all the way across the room on her way to the outlet!  It is hard to catch her in the act, but here are a couple pictures of the things she’s gotten into this week; 1. I left the fridge open while I carried something to the other side of the kitchen, and she was quick to take advantage of the opportunity! and 2. We had just gotten home from vacation and had everything in the living room, Aaron was in the kitchen, and I ran upstairs to grab a laundry basket, she managed to find the container of Puffs, get it open, and get as many in her mouth as possible!




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Kelly and Jeremiah

A few weeks ago our friend Kelly got married, and Kelsey (photographer) let me tag along with my camera! I really enjoyed the afternoon, I appreciate every chance I get to shoot, plus at this wedding Kels also had a real assistant, so I  had the freedom to do anything that I wanted. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, gorgeous vibrant colors, and a good looking wedding party too! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day. Congratulations Kelly and Jeremiah, you are in our prayers!











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up next….

We just got back from a mini vacation in Minocqua Wi, and as I was sorting through this pictures I saw this one and had to share it! We were getting ready to go out on a boat, and wanted to make sure we had a life jacket for Kaya (we found a baby jacket later).  This picture perfectly displays what I think Kaya’s says alot: “I’m trusting you guys on this one, but are you sure?”


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