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A case of the sniffles.

A few weeks ago Kaya started sniffing, and it has progressed to quite the ailment. I wish I knew what she thought she was doing when she does this, she sometimes does this when she is frustrated, when she thinks she’s being funny, and when we feed her broccoli! It can go on for a good amount of time too, she sniffed at me for a good 15 minutes the other day when I was folding laundry, I didn’t think to grab the camera until she was starting to get worked up…but here’s a look at her latest trick:


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Happy Baby!

We love to see these smiles! (thank you Uncle Adam for being funny!)

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Lyla Jean!

Anna and Paul’s baby is here, and she is just adorable! She is tall and skinny, so I don’t think she and Kaya will share clothes for long. Here’s a little peek at their precious Lyla.


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She Stands!!

We have been so busy in the last few weeks I haven’t had any time to blog! We have moved back to Wisconsin now, and are basically settled in, and so now back to real life, I hope!  Kaya has been changing like crazy, and her latest trick is standing! Just yesterday she figured out that she can actually grab on and pull herself up, and I am learning that I have to constantly keep pillows between her head and the wood floors! I love this picture, it is such a good representation of Kaya right now, she is happy to do what she can, even though she’s a little on the short side!


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