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Kaya- videos!

Here are a couple videos that we have taken recently of Kaya!

Last week I was trying to pack for us to go home for the weekend, and Kaya was in a silly little mood where she would laugh at anything that I said! I had to grab the camera, I’m afraid that someday she won’t think that we are quite so funny. I hope that she won’t always use humor to get out of work!

And this one is Kaya demonstrating a new trick that she learned, do you wonder why we have to keep a bib on her??


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And a wedding?

I had another opportunity to shadow my favorite photographer a few weeks ago, and this time it was for a wedding. As usual I learned tons of stuff! The wedding was very fun, the couple was adorable and very easy to be around. I am surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the different events that I have photographed, and by how late I stay up just thinking about what I would like to do with photography! Here are a few of the pictures that I snagged at the wedding.


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A little over a month ago I (Aaron) completed my 4th year of undergraduate studies in Architecture.  It was a great last year!  Meghann was wonderful enough to put up with me for nearly a solid week of water-coloring, so I thought I would share my final presentation…





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What is she thinking?

This evening I was browsing through some pictures of Kaya, and I noticed that she always looks like there is something going on in her head….if only we could figure out what that something is! I think for the most part she is just trying to put up with us, but in this first picture she is warning us not to mess with her!







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This month Aaron and a couple of his friends are being featured artists at Graham’s Chocolates in Geneva. Their exhibit is called “Architecture in Watercolor”. Here’s a peek at the things that Aaron will be putting up, and if that is not enough to get you there, my dad and I could tell you about a dark chocolate ice cream that is made at Graham’s…Florence Cathedral - watercolorS. Fransesco Della Vigna - wcSenator's Palace - watercolor

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Sculpture Park

Sculpture-parkSunday we had beautiful weather and an open afternoon, so we thought we should take a trip to the sculpture park!  All three of us had a great time, Kaya didn’t have to take a single nap in her bed, the lucky girl snoozed in the stroller all afternoon!

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