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Ashley and Sean

Last weekend I had an opportunity to tag along at an engagement shoot, and I wasn’t about to pass this one up!  The photographer was one of my best friends, Kelsey Visel, she is an incredibly talented photographer and has been patient enough to “show me the ropes” of this whole photography thing. And the couple…another best friend, Ashley and her fiancé Sean! The shoot was a blast, I learned so much in that afternoon, and I was able to practice using a few different lenses, which made a world of difference.   Ashley and Sean were so easy to take pictures of (they’re beautiful people!), and just plain fun to be around, it was a great experience for a first engagement shoot.








Thank you Ash and Sean, I love you guys!


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I have been itching to get out and use my camera, but it took my awhile to work up the nerve to ask someone (other than Aaron and Kaya) to pose for me!  Finally I begged my sister-in-law Anna to let me take pictures of her, and she agreed! It was a little sneaky on my part, in two ways, 1) Pregnant woman are beautiful! and 2) I knew that Anna wanted to document the last few weeks of her pregnancy.  So I took advantage of her desperation to have pictures taken, and bossed her around for a couple hours! I learned tons of things while I was taking pictures, and even more after I got home and looked at the pictures full size, and now I can’t wait to get out and take more!!  Here are a few of my favorites:






As for the shoes here, I should clarify: Anna and Paul don’t know what the baby’s gender is yet. I have my guess….



Thanks so much for looking! Hopefully there will be much more to come!

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After many many years, well, I guess after 23 long years, ok, ok, technically after 4 years, Aaron has finally graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Architeture! Senior year was especially tough, as professors, bosses, wife and baby all made demands for his time.Oddly, while  Aaron faced countless sleepless nights, Kaya and I slept straight through every one of them. Somehow Aaron managed to get everything done, and done exceptionally well! I always thought his work looked good, but several other architects have also commented on his talent in this area.  I couldn’t be more proud of him! Here’s a peek at the long awaited day of GRADUATION!!

All ready to go!img_2330

And as mature as ever. img_2328

I was excited to see Aaron’s name in the program:


And Kaya was awful proud too!


The rest of the ceremony was pretty uneventful, well, besides the Opera singing keynote speaker, and Aaron getting his diploma of course.  Apparently if you are 4 months old you can openly display what you think about a  2+ hour ceremony.


The rest of the afternoon was filled with “congratulations” and celebrations with friends and family.It has taken a long time, and a lot hard work to get this far, and now we have to figure out what grown-ups do!img_2400bimg_2406img_2395img_2409img_2404img_2402

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1) Drool.


2) Tears.


3) Pucker.


And we’re loving every minute of it.

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