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For a couple weeks now we have been able to get giggles out of Kaya, but, much like Bigfoot, we have never been able to document the occurrence, until TODAY! Something about her giggle just fills my heart! Hopefully you’ll enjoy as much as we do.


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I just realized that I haven’t added anything to our blog in quite awhile, I used to wonder why it took my friends (cough, Kels) so long to get new stuff up, and now I know! There is definitely new stuff happening around here, but even if I managed to snap a picture, the opportunity to sit at the computer is rare. But, Kaya is sleeping, Aaron is at a critique, so my baked potato and I are sitting down to fill you in on the last few weeks! I’ll go youngest to oldest:

Kaya: She giggles!! And of course Aaron and I love it! We both spend a LOT of time trying to get more out of her, but she makes it difficult!

She has found a new use for her little activity gym. Now it is more of a snack.


She is unsure about having her nails done.


She loves to read books, if it is the right book, at the right time, and we are sitting in the right spot, and she’s not tired, or hungry, or distracted.  So basically, SOMETIMES she loves to read books! And you can see from these pictures, her mood quickly goes from “Mom, Read this one it is my favorite”img_1888 to “Wow, I don’t remember this part”img_1889

to “Why did you make me read, I hate reading!”img_1890

And she got a new toy, she doesn’t really care to TOUCH anything yet, but it provides minutes of sheer bliss because there is so much to look at!


But she still has some growing to do before she can take full advantage of everything that it offers.


Next comes Aaron.  He is one of the lucky seniors in architecture that gets to juggle school, work, wife, baby and the job hunt all at once! He is handling everything very well, turning his projects in on time, getting plenty of laughs out of Kaya, and even managing to eat dinner with me every night! So unfortunately, Aaron’s portion of this blog is without pictures, mostly because it is hard to get a good picture of  something that moves so fast!

And finally, Meg.  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to find a great camera, and actually buy it!!  I wish that I were able to spend hours playing with it, but so far I have only had a few minutes between diaper changes and supper burning.  It would be great if I could say that I have several amazing pictures to share, but I don’t.  I do have one picture that I think is pretty great, but I don’t know if it is because of the photographer, or because of the subject! So here it is:background2

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The College Life

It seems like people ask us all the time what it is like to live on a college campus, and as Aaron’s graduation gets closer we are reminded of all the things that we take for granted. Here are a few of the things that we are lucky enough to call normal:

1. We never worry about running out of anything, 39 other apartments of people that we know…someone is bound to have what we need.

2.  We have a great view of a beautiful campus.


3. Our couch is almost always occupied.


4. We never have a problem getting rid of food.

5. Kaya’s storytime is much more interesting.


6. Babysitters by the dozen.

7.  No one feels pressured to act mature:




8. Or get dressed!


9. Kaya has lots of extra aunts and uncles.



10. “Date” night: Put Kaya to bed, borrow movie from a neighbor, pop popcorn, answer the door, make room on the couch, pop more popcorn, start movie, answer the door, start movie again, answer the door, make room on the couch for another body, start movie/pause movie, get drinks (wash more glasses), start and hopefully finish movie.

We are very excited to see where God is going to take us after graduation, but we are really going to miss our life at Judson!

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