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Sleeping Baby!

This evening Aaron said something that is just so true: “there is nothing like holding a sleeping baby.”  Here are a few glimpses of our house around nap time!!

img_7017This was Kaya and I, taking our Christmas afternoon nap!  She was just over a week old, and already the best cuddle buddy around!

Here is one of those precious morning moments, when it is just to early to get up with Kaya, so we pull her in to bed for a few more minutes to sleep.img_70782

A few nights ago Kaya fell asleep in my arms, and we couldn’t get over how much she resembled an old man taking his Sunday afternoon nap!







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Aaron’s Birthday

Family Picture from Aaron’s 23rd birthday! All three of us ate at Cheeseburgers in Paradise, then came home for cake with some of our favorite people around!


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Here are a few pictures of some of our favorite things.

Kaya always smiles when she is on the changing table!


A few nights ago Kaya was in a deep sleep, so we took advantage of the opportunity and snapped pictures of her “cuddling” her dinosaur!



We never want to forget how adorably helpless and chubby Kaya looks in her car seat!


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What?…a thumb sucker?

Aaron and I have been very careful about using the pacifier, we were afraid of having an eight year old that has to take her pacifier out for her turn at the spelling bee.  Once again, our precious baby has outsmarted us. As soon as we started to leave her hands uncovered, she showed us her own way of putting herself to sleep! We hate to admit it, but it is awfully cute. She obviously has not mastered the skill yet, but apparently she likes the way she does it. If you listen to the video, you can hear her grunt at me when I try to move her finger out of her eye!

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