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Kaya and her window


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Tummy Time!

Being the good parents that we are, everyday Aaron and I try to give Kaya some tummy time, to strengthen her neck/back, and prevent the dreaded flat head syndrome!  And Kaya, being the good baby that she is, absolutely hates it!  The other night when we put her down, she tried a new tactic….sleep! Fake sleep?  Quite possibly. She had been bright eyed and just a little cranky, and then second her head touched the blanket, her eyes closed and she never moved!  We poked and prodded to try to get her to take advantage of this opportunity for exercise, but she refused to open her eyes!


However, because we are the parents, Aaron and I are still trying to show Kaya who is the boss! So, today I tried tummy time again, and after I set her down, I put a toy that she loves to look at next to her so she could have some entertainment.  Valiant effort on my part, but Kaya promptly picked her little head up and looked the other direction, to cry!  She has proved her point, she doesn’t like to be on her stomach. I wonder what she’ll do next time!

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St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Some of you have expressed interest in seeing these, so here they are!  This was my final presentation for architectural design in the Fall.  The project was an addition to St. Martin-in-the-Fields, a well-known church in London, England.

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As babies usually do, Kaya sleeps ALL THE TIME!!  But she is adorable doing it!

Sleeping #1Sleeping #2Sleeping #3Sleeping #4Sleeping #5

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Please welcome…Kaya!

Kaya at birth

December 16 of 2008 at 9:15 AM Kaya Faith joined our family!  It was quite a rush to the hospital…especially since we had to stop and get gas on the way (oops…).  Meghann was a trooper though and we got there.  1 hour later Kaya was born!


Mom and Kaya resting!img_3682

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