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It has been almost a month now, but I’m finally getting around to directing anyone who happens to come here (this blog) to my new blog:



Hide & Seek

Kaya LOVES to play hide & seek! And we love to see where she’s going to hide:


First up: concert.

We forgot K’s water bottle in the car, so she drank water from a ziplock bag.

Aaron snagged the camera a few minutes for some impromptu portraits (probably my favorite pictures from the day)

And on to the gardens:

And lastly the tanks,

Another day of great memories.

Sweet Friends


And as for the second half of the shoot, Abbie’s close friend Olivia! I first met Olivia on Saturday, and she was a total blast to get to know! She’s easy going and beautiful – pretty much the perfect person for senior pictures!

Olivia- Thanks for spending the afternoon, I’m looking forward to seeing you again!


Last weekend my assistant Anna (hee hee) and I made our way to Madison for afternoon photo shoot: 2 seniors, 2 hours & temperatures in the 90’s, what could be better?  First up: Abbie! Abbie is Aaron’s cousin-but I’ll gladly claim her as my own!

Abbie- thanks for the great shoot, Love you!


Sy will be senior this fall, but I still remember being a leader in his AWANA group when he was in 2nd grade. I’m pretty sure I was taller than he was during his second grade year, and maybe 3rd grade as well, but those days are long gone. I always enjoy spending time with this family, and the afternoon with Sy was no different!

Thanks for a great shoot Sy!